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N.H.R. 117 by asassain4
N.H.R. 117
Historia escrita por mi, Naruto y sus personajes son propiedad de Masashi Kishimoto


Miko: Stop him, it will not move

Half devil: If you like ...

Half demon ... order

Naruto: Too slow, my technique is now complete

Miko: I'll kill Haruno, fucking killer this is for my father

Sakura: Miko please stop doing this, you don´t have to do this

Miko thinking: He disappeared ... but as

Konohamaru: I get the first one

N.H.R. 116 by asassain4
N.H.R. 116
Historia hecha por mi, Naruto y sus personajes pertenecen a Masashi Kishimoto


Subject 1: Please wait, do not tell you all that but please do not kill me

Yusuke: Akane, I've waited a long time to say this ...

Akane: Yusuke know, I always knew, I also ...

Subject 2: Sakura is being executed at the moment ... all die here there is no hope

Subject 3: Soon we take out of here, I'm sure of it

Subject 4: You're too optimistic girl are lost because no one would risk for us 

Subject 5: What is this? I feel I'm fading away will being killed

Subject 6: Grandpa. stop whining and there is nothing you can do about it

Subject 7 (thinking): So young, even when this ?, continue suffering as I will have to testify before my death?

N.H.R. 115 by asassain4
N.H.R. 115
Historia hecha por mi, Naruto y sus personajes son propiedad de Masashi Kishimoto


: Stop it, kill all the prisoners are children, women or the elderly do not leave any standing, and your masked contemplation do not think you get more from now I'll show you my true strength, I will not allow you to get out of here alive

Naruto: Sorry, but your punishment should wait for another time ...

Ino: What is this feeling?

Hinata: My body feels strange

Sakura: I know this feeling

Sasuke: This technique is ... ja, apparently did not forget us

Rock Lee: What is happening?
N.H.R. 114 by asassain4
N.H.R. 114

Historia hecha por mi, naruto y sus personajes son propiedad de Masashi Kishimoto


I must not prolong this anymore, I can not keep the link intact for long, old Tsunade sorry but I'll have to hurt

Naruto: She would have wanted it this way

N.H.R. page  113 by asassain4
N.H.R. page 113
Historia hecha por mi, Naruto y sus personajes pertenecen a Masashi Kishimoto


Sakura: I can not get up, I have no energies

Sakura thinking: That kunai, is the masked individual, is vibrating

Naruto: Obito Uchiha face me coward, you may not hide forever behind the kages

Naruto thinking: the kunai ready as I form the link

Sakura: He undid his techniques, masking will fight no more why?



En el inicio de los tiempos todo era caos y destruccion, dos grandes fuerzas luchaban por el dominio de la creacion, Luz y Oscuridad, durante eones la batalla entre estos entes continuo y continuo sin que ninguno retrocediera, es por este desorden y demencia que el universo dio vida a una tercera entidad la cual no era  ni luz,ni oscuridad; habia nacido el equilibrio, el balance que con su enorme poder puso fin a esta guerra y luego de esto desaparecio, desde ese entonces las dos fuerzas primordiales se mantienen en paz, en un flujo continuo de tira y empuja, el yin-yang y desde ese entonces se dio a conocer la leyenda del guardian, actualmente hay quienes buscan romper ese equilibrio y mas importante buscan al guardian.....

Esta historia la habia hecho anteriormente para darle un final a uno de mis animes favoritos ahora espero volver a retomarla pronto y espero que les guste



In the beginning of time all was chaos and destruction, two great forces fought for control of the creation, Light and Darkness, for eons the ongoing battle between these entities and continuous without any recede, is by this disorder, and dementia that universe gave birth to a third entity which was neither light nor darkness, had been born the balance, the balance that with its enormous power put an end to this war and after it disappeared, since then the two primal forces remain in peace in a continuous flow of pulls and pushes, the yin-yang and since then became known guardian legend, there are now those looking to break that balance and most importantly seek the guardian .....

This story had done previously to give an end to one of my favorite animes now hope to take it up soon and hope you like it


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