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N.H.R.  133 by asassain4
N.H.R. 133
Historia de mi autoria, Naruto y sus personajes pertenecen a Masashi Kishimoto


Kakashi: Shikamaru, believe me it is normal that you feel that way, war affects psychologically even the most trained, even during the third war ninja had my moments of doubt but remember that some see in you the moral support that helps to stand, we can not allow hope ...

Shikamaru: Kakashi listen, all this time I was the strategist and analyst of our army, every day checked the lists of casualties on our lines, I saw others defected to survive ...

Shikamaru: with that I was able to predict several scenarios

Shikamaru: eg more than two years were more than 80000 shinobi, in a few days we had a decrease of 40,000 men in the battle against Madara, Obito and Jubi lost 5000 men, our strongest members of the five Kage are missing and therefore Naruto and Killer Bee were killed after less than six months we lost all the medical division, 3550 ninjas died in the attack on Konoha died 7563 ninjas, 12981 ninjas joined the ranks of Akatsuki in exchange for power, protecting their families or Whatever the reason, when we try to protect villages from sand and lightning killed ninjas 6348, finally the 1780 prisoners who are ...
Shikamaru: ... that are in different prisons of our enemy, that leaves us with a total of 2,861 men, even if we include all the genin only add 670 villages, tell Kakashi really think we can against over 253 723 and more than two thirds are zetsus repowering, the rest are zetsus ninjas white deserters, based on these data have generated strategies, scenarios and battle plans and guess what happens Kakashi in all we are defeated and that only happens in the best scenarios in the worst scenarios we are annihilated without trace

Shikamaru: I think the best we can do is resign ourselves, if we surrender now will save not only our lives but also that of all children, the elderly, men and women innocents who have seen involved in this war, so at least We can give them a few more years of life to revive the kiuby, Kakashi that's the best option we have, as a leader you have to learn to recognize when we lost
N.H.R. 132 by asassain4
N.H.R. 132
Historia de mi autoria, Naruto y sus personajes pertenencen a Masashi Kishimoto


Guard 1: Please do not insist

Guard 2: That's enough, it is not the first time that you try and always fail, save yourself the embarrassment or we'll give you another beating

Guard 3: Why are you so insistent? Not succeed, you never do

Shikamaru: so was you, no wonder, What do you Kakashi? Do not have more important things to do after all you are the leader of the armed
Kakashi: I'm here because, like others, I worry how you act and it also ...

Kakashi: ... disturbs the rest of men, remember that you are one of the most needed within the alliance

Shikamaru: alliance, we can hardly call resistance, Kakashi tell me to lie and give false hope to others, we lost, our chance of victory is zero, a zero percent
N.H.R. 131 by asassain4
N.H.R. 131
Historia de mi autoria, naruto y sus personajes pertenencen a Masashi Kishimoto


Shikamaru: No, no
Shikamaru: We are lost, no matter what we do, no matter how much we fight, all my fault should have foreseen this before it's too late now, too late
Kakashi: Tell me How long have he locked in there? he said something strange or disturbing?
Temari: no, nothing yet
Temari: but he looks very altered, but apparently never very seriously disturb
Temari: I think you could make him see reason Kakashi-san, you've gone through two wars ninja and one of them was very young
Temari Shikamaru need a guide to help you
N.H.R. page 130 by asassain4
N.H.R. page 130
Naruto y sus personajes pertenecen a Masashi Kishimoto


Madara: It's happening again, i am wood clone so I can not use much chakra without disrupting the original Madara, damn it should undo the Susanoo before it's too late

Madara: I must find a way to stabilize my container, I can not continue for so long

Madara: Sorry but i have to go, thanks for the hospitality

Gamabunta: A clone? was it a clone of wood? To think that a wood clone was capable of destroying the  Myōboku mount

Toad Sage: I hope Fusasaku-chan and the others may have arrived where Kakashi-chan and the alliance, I pray that not too late to tell them about my prediction, never before in my life have I seen two very different possible destinations, one is the ...

Toad Sage: ... Madara destiny, where achieves its ambition and takes over the will in the world, and one where hope and light resurface from the ashes of ...

Toad Sage: ... war to fight against the darkness that covers the world, but is a person who should lead them and to revive that hope, all depend of man, who returned from the dead ...


En el inicio de los tiempos todo era caos y destruccion, dos grandes fuerzas luchaban por el dominio de la creacion, Luz y Oscuridad, durante eones la batalla entre estos entes continuo y continuo sin que ninguno retrocediera, es por este desorden y demencia que el universo dio vida a una tercera entidad la cual no era  ni luz,ni oscuridad; habia nacido el equilibrio, el balance que con su enorme poder puso fin a esta guerra y luego de esto desaparecio, desde ese entonces las dos fuerzas primordiales se mantienen en paz, en un flujo continuo de tira y empuja, el yin-yang y desde ese entonces se dio a conocer la leyenda del guardian, actualmente hay quienes buscan romper ese equilibrio y mas importante buscan al guardian.....

Esta historia la habia hecho anteriormente para darle un final a uno de mis animes favoritos ahora espero volver a retomarla pronto y espero que les guste



In the beginning of time all was chaos and destruction, two great forces fought for control of the creation, Light and Darkness, for eons the ongoing battle between these entities and continuous without any recede, is by this disorder, and dementia that universe gave birth to a third entity which was neither light nor darkness, had been born the balance, the balance that with its enormous power put an end to this war and after it disappeared, since then the two primal forces remain in peace in a continuous flow of pulls and pushes, the yin-yang and since then became known guardian legend, there are now those looking to break that balance and most importantly seek the guardian .....

This story had done previously to give an end to one of my favorite animes now hope to take it up soon and hope you like it


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